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Competency Test: Expression of thanking

Read this text!
Nisa    : oh my, where is my handphone?
Fajar   : what happen with you?
Nisa    : I forgot where i put my handphone.
Fajar   : ok, what if I call your handphone?
Nisa    : good idea!
Before long, something a sound rang.
Fajar   : this is yours?
Nisa    : yes!.............(1)
Fajar   : ok, ..........(2)

1.     a. Oh
b. sure
c. Thanks godness
d. really?

2.     a. wow
b. you are very kind
c. don’t mention it
d. thanks 

Competency Test: Expression of Complimenting

Nabila  : Hi, Sari! How are things?
Sari      : Fine, and you?
Nabila  : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend at the beach?
Sari     : Terrific! We had a lovely time there. You should go there.
Nabila  : Really? Hey, what a beautiful blouse you are wearing, it matches your skirt.
Sari      : Thanks. My mother gave it to me on my birthday.
Nabila  : Wow! That’s wonderful. Oh, Sari, I almost forget. Can I ask you something?
Sari      : Oh, sure. What’s up?
Nabila  : Have you finished typing the annual report we made last week?
Sari      : Yes, mean this?
Nabila  : Yeah, Hmmm, I think this report is excellent. Thanks a lot Sari. You did a    great job. Now I have to give it to the director immediately.
Sari     : OK. You’d better hurry. He may be waiting for it.
Nabila : Well, he probably is. Thanks again, Sari. Have a nice day!

Answer the following questions.
1. Who went to the beach?
2. Did she enjoy it?
3. What is she wearing? 
4. What does Nabila say to compliment Sari?
5.  What does Sari say to compliment Sari?

Competency Test: Expression of Congratulations

Dialogue 1
Adi: who won the football match yesterday?
Fajar: our team did. We won four to one
Adi: .........(1)
Fajar: Thank you

Dialogue 2
Nisa: ........ (2)
Bila:.You are the first me who congratulates me.
Nisa: you’re welcome

Let’s answer the question!
1.       a. good
b. nice
c. it was great to hear our team win
d. amazing!

2.       a  hi Bila!
b. what up?
c.Happy birthday, May god always blessing you everytime
d. I’m glad hear that

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